Build Your Online Course or Coaching Business With One Mind Blowing Done-For-You Package

Stop wasting time on one-off technical tasks

Ready To Get The Financial Freedom You Deserve With A Booked-Out Business?

Online business owners are famous for trying to learn the skills outside of their area of expertise in order to build their business at the lowest possible cost.

Are you also wasting years of your life trying to learn copywriting, website design, CRM & funnels set-up, and all the other tech tasks required before you can even launch?

Stand-out and focus on your real skills while we set you up to launch - or re-launch - your business in 3 months or less.

When Velocity became an option, I jumped on it IMMEDIATELY, and not only was everything delivered with excellence, it exceeded my (lofty) expectations.

The BUMP team are a true delight to work with. They provided excellent feedback, took my input to heart, and ultimately created the framework I needed to help me build a business that I love running.

Paul Petro

Leadership Coach

Velocity Includes All The BUMP Services & More...

The Lead Nurture Pack

Powerful Lead Magnet

Our team of marketing professionals will write and build for you an attractive, full colour professional PDF lead magnet customised to your brand colours and message, so you know it'll attract high-quality new leads consistently.

A YEAR'S WORTH OF Marketing Emails

Our team of copywriters will write one entire year's worth of high-quality, conversion-focussed follow-up emails for you, designed to turn leads into buyers.

EXCLUSIVE BONUS - Online Course Masterplan (Value: $1,997)

In this 5 hour course, you'll learn how to plan, build, and launch your very own high-quality, and highly profitable online course... either as a "side-hustle"... second income... or potential replacement for your full-time income.

Everything in the Lead Nurture Pack
is included
(RRP $4,997)

Everything in the BUMP Site
is included
(RRP $13,997)

The BUMP Site

Six Page Website

Our team of tech geniuses will build you a beautiful and modern Toolbox site including these pages: Home, Service/Program, Book a Call, About, Contact, and Blog.

Designed to convert leads into sales

Get ahead of the competition with a website that was built following the latest online marketing industry strategies.

Designed to inform, guide, and motivate your visitors to take one of three actions: Opt-in for your lead magnet (included!)... Book a call with you... Or directly buy your services.

Fully branded & Customised

Our team of tech genius and designers will reflect your brand colours, logo, and style on your new website. Wether you prefer an elegant, classic, or modern style, we'll make sure your website is a timeless extension of your brand.

BUMP Toolbox PRO

Full Access To Toolbox Pro Features

Run 97% of all your business operations with the world's most user-friendly and affordable CRM, marketing & sales platform.
Toolbox is our one-stop system designed to revolutionize your approach to business - saving you time, money, and many headaches!

Toolbox Pro includes... Full-featured CRM, email marketing, customizable forms, funnels, automated marketing campaigns & workflows, reputation management, email & text chats, social media content planner, invoicing system, surveys, online course management, booking calendars, opportunity pipelines, advanced analytics & reports, priority BUMP support, & much more!

Watch this sneak-peek inside Toolbox...

Toolbox Templates Included (RRP $497/month)

Priority BUMP Support

Included (Value $997/month)

TWO 1:1 Onboarding SessionS

We spare no energy making sure you feel fully in control of your new Business Ultimate Marketing Platform. We'll meet with you 1:1 to help plan out your online course and overall business model.

The first session will be with your dedicated project manager to review and show you your new website and marketing assets.

The second session will be with our tech team and focused on getting to know your new Toolbox platform.

Unlimited 24/7 Toolbox support

Toolbox is the system that runs your entire business, so it's essential that you feel in-control, knowledgeable and supported in your experience of using it. As such, we provide you with unlimited top notch expert LIVE CHAT support available 24/7, plus access to our extensive resource library which is updated daily!

daily Business solutions

Connect with our members through our private Facebook group to ask your questions about any part of your business and get expert answers from our trainers and peers.


Last chance to order before the price goes up!

Velocity Special Offer - Ends Dec 2023
$ 9,997 USD* + BUMP Toolbox $197 Month SUBSCRIPTION
  • Includes everything in the Lead Nurture Pack +, and...
  • Includes everything in the BUMP Site + and...
  • Includes everything in BUMP Toolbox Pro, plus...
  • Complete integration of your BUMP Site with Toolbox Pro, and...
  • Priority BUMP Support

You've Got Questions... We've Got Answers!

BUMP All-In-One is a done-for-you marketing and technology service.

Your BUMP: Business Ultimate Marketing Platform consists of three essentials:

  1. Your Website – Our certified digital marketing experts will build you a professional website for your business that will help you captivate attention, showcase your expertise, and generate a steady stream of high-quality, perfect prospects who are burning to work with you.

  2. Your Marketing Assets – Next our team will craft a beautiful lead magnet you’ll use to entice your perfect prospects to give you their contact details, then we’ll write a full 12 months worth of compelling emails designed to convert your high-quality prospects into high-paying, dream clients.

  3. Your Automation Tools – Finally we’ll save you years of frustrating trial-and-error by setting up and optimizing all of the “techy stuff” that works behind-the-scenes to build your business on autopilot with BUMP Toolbox Pro (…so you don’t have to).

    We’ll set up your Toolbox Pro CRM, integrate it with your new website, and make sure you can take payment for your products and services, all without lifting a finger.

    4. Unlimited and priority BUMP support – When we take you on as a client, we truly care about your success and will always answer your questions to the highest-level of professionalism and competency.

If you want to see – in detail – everything that we will do for you, please click here to automatically scroll back up to the “What’s In Your BUMP?” section.

Absolutely. As part of the information collecting process, we will ask if you have an existing logo and brand colours – and if you don’t, we have a very simple process for you to figure it out so we can set-up your branding and website exactly the way you want it to be!

Absolutely, yes!

If you are unsure about your offers, then BUMP will be even more valuable for you.

BUMP is ideal for people who need help figuring out (or re-designing) how you want your business model to work:

Will you offer 1:1 sessions… group coaching… building your own course… or a selection of these?

In our onboarding process, we will show you how to design a rock-solid model that will support you, whether you want to deliver coaching, courses, write books, be a speaker, or deliver almost any other type of service you can think of… we’ll help you become crystal clear on the right delivery formula for you.

That’s one of the many advantages of working with our awesome team with more than a decade & a half of professional experience.

The founders of BUMP Solutions have also personally built a million-dollar plus coaching, course, speaking & training business (and they’re both published authors too) — and have built, bought, and sold multiple other businesses, including physical offline companies — so we know how to help you do it too.

Of course!

Making sure your brand colours, logo, font and general look and feel reflect the way you present yourself is a huge part of the customisation work we perform for you.

Our intention is for your website to represent your business in a clear, professional, and personalised manner. 

Note that although we customise the colours, fonts, and some elements of your website, the foundation of the sites we build are based on a best-in-class, custom-developed template we designed and created to build outstanding websites.

No, but it’s pretty darn close 🙂

We’ll do roughly 98.5% of the work for you! 

Upon signing-up for BUMP Velocity, we will walk you through our simple form to collect the information we need from you.

It should take you no more than three hours total to complete. (…Add a couple of hours if you need to create or renovate your business model – with which we help you every step of the way).

Once we’ve got all the info we need, you can sit back and relax while we complete years of website and marketing work… in just three months (and most of the time much less!)

Yes they are. Ease of use was an important criteria, and we’ve literally searched the world for the best possible systems.

Once we hand-over your BUMP Velocity project to you, we’ll provide you with a library of short how-to videos that you can use to make all the important updates and additions to the systems in use so you never need tech support ever again (i.e. how to post a blog article, how to change my pricing, how to update my T&Cs page, how to change a block of text on my website, and much, much more!)

In addition, you’ll have access to our 24/7 Toolbox Pro support team for any and every question you might need answered when it comes to working with your new CRM.

If you do you have a few years to spare… then of course you can do it all yourself. That’s exactly what we did in building our own million-dollar business.

However… We’ve invested well over a hundred thousand dollars, and close to ten thousand hours to learn how to do it all.

From marketing courses… technical certifications… hiring business coaches… learning by trial-and-error how to work new systems — then ditching them & replacing them with better ones — over and over (and over) again, until we found the best options in all areas of the business.

There is no getting back those years of blood, sweat and tears. But you’re lucky, we’re here to hand this over to you today.

And if you were to instead go “pick and choose” individual services (like hiring a website designer, graphic designer, or copywriter), you will rapidly find that the total cost quoted is easily 10 to 30 times what you’ll invest here with BUMP Velocity – and we specialise in working with coaches, consultants, course creators, service-based businesses, authors, speakers, podcasters, influencers, and solopreneurs… which no one else does the way we do!

Unfortunately no.

Why? Would you go to the Doctor when you’re sick, and tell them exactly which medicine to prescribe to you?

Do you go to the mechanic and demand they fix your car a certain way?

Do you tell the chef at a fancy restaurant how to make the perfect creme brulee?

Truth is, if you’re pushy, we’ll do what you want… but the outcome will be terrible. After all, it’s your money.

The reason our system is SO GOOD is because we used it to build our own million-dollar business, and now we’ve systemized the whole process, and THAT’S what we’re delivering to you.

We offer a carefully designed marketing platform, and follow very detailed processes on how we make that happen for you. If any part of the process goes missing, we cannot guarantee that your marketing platform would be optimised for lead conversions and client delivery.

You won’t find any one of the BUMP Velocity components delivered to our standards for any less than what we charge for ALL of them. 

In short, it’s very much in your best interest to simply get BUMP Velocity as a package and have all your systems and marketing foundations done-for-you for professional consistency, affordability and market impact. 

We’d love to help, simply click the “Chat With Us” button at the bottom of every page to send us your question, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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